The Canadian Sportfishing Industry

Recreational fishing is big business in Canada, and sportfishing, in particular, is one of the most popular outdoor activities. Readers can discover which fish are specifically sought after and the best places to find them. The prize catch is undoubtedly salmon, and anglers travel across the world to fish for Canada's top five native specimens. The Miramichi River is a renowned sportfishing paradise, especially for those who enjoy fly-fishing. Sportfishing contributes immensely to the economy of Canada, particularly as regards the income from transportation, food, and lodgings. There are also the incidental purchases of boats and moorings to take into account.


6 May 2021

Every species of fish in Canada is different. Therefore, when catching them, each one requires a specific type of bait. Live bait works best for some. Others will be more likely to go for the hook if a lure is utilised instead. It is undoubtedly a good idea to get advice from local fishing experts.

The Importance Of Patience

28 Mar 2021

One of the critical aspects to remember when out fishing in Canada is to take it slow. Patience is a skill that all good fishermen need to learn. This is especially true for the times of the year when water temperatures become colder. When fishing, patience is often rewarded with a catch.